Since April of 2013 I have had to pleasure to become part of Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary in Imlay, NV. 

Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization founded in 2000 in northern Illinois. Once they started growing, they moved out west in 2006 to Imlay, NV (outside of Reno).

Several of their residents were former exotic pets that were unwanted. Others were neglected and abused. Thankfully, with Safe Haven these beautiful animals can get a second chance at life. It is because of places like Safe Haven that give the education to the public about wildlife and the need to save them.

Safe Haven offers educational tours of their sanctuary and private tours with their Executive Director, Lynda Sugasa. Check out how and when to make your visit here.

Throughout the year they host events that benefit their residents. For more information, go here.

How does our partnership work?

Any piece I do that is of a Safe Haven resident, when it sells 40% of the price will go directly to the residents of Safe Haven. Several pieces are at Safe Haven ready for purchase, some are being worked on as we speak. It's for a wonderful cause. I work from reference photos provided by Safe Haven. Each resident has a story of their own. With each piece, their personal story will be provided along with information on the species, and how you can help.

I've always wanted to work to save wildlife and I am thankful everyday that I get to do that with another passion, my art. 

Ways to Donate to Safe Haven

Donations are always needed to support the wonderful creatures at Safe Haven. You can make a big difference by giving to them, and it's easy to do. Safe Haven has a link set up on their website for just this. Donate Here

You can also sponsor a resident! The monthly sponsor prices range from $120 - $400 per month. This helps provide them with medical care, food, toys, and their environment upkeep.

Safe Haven Original Artwork

Lily; 16.75x20; charcoal on watercolor paper; 1200.jpg
Sunlight; 9x9.5;300; cheyenne red fox from safe haven in charcoal.jpg
Sorcha 6x6.jpg
200.00 every month for 6 months

Lily is a beautiful 17 year old Bangle Tiger from Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary. She has been with Safe Haven for 4 years now. Read her story here.

40% of the proceeds of Lily’s portrait go to Safe Haven to help residents like her live the best life.

Medium: Charcoal on Watercolor Paper

Drawing Size: 16.75” x 20”

Payment Plan is Optional

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Christopher is a 16 year old White Tiger from Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary. One of his favorite things to do is climbing his platform and taking a dip in his swimming pool. Read more about Christopher here and sponsor him.

Christopher’s Mini Work was done in inktense pencils and inktense blocks.

Drawing Size: 9”x6”

*40% of the proceeds go to Safe Haven*

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Sunlight (Cheyenne from Safe Haven)

Sunlight is the latest piece of Cheyenne from Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary. This piece is on coarse pastel paper with black and white charcoal.

Size: 9 inches wide x 9.5 inches high

*40% of the purchase price goes to Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary

Payment Plan (contact to start)

(2 payments of $512.50, 4 payments of $256.25, or 6 payments of $170.83)

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Kiki is a lovely 13 year old Canadian Lynx that has been a resident of Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary for 6 years. You can help Kiki personally by sponsoring her for $120 a month.

Drawing size: 15 inches wide x 12 inches high

40% of the purchase price goes to Safe Haven to provide assistance to their residents, like Kiki. You can also add an additional 10% of the price to go to Safe Haven in the checkout.

Print of this piece is also available

Kiki is also part of a Safe Haven Bronze Package

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Sorcha is a 13 month old Caracal from Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary.

Sorcha, like so many illegal exotic animals, were illegally imported from Africa along with Hantara and two African Serval kittens Reina and Goya. Thankfully, Safe Haven was able to take them all in to provide the care that they all need.

Pastels on PasteMat Paper

Size: 6”x6”

40% of the proceeds go to Safe Haven.

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Taco & Scooter

Taco and Scooter and two Macaws that are new residents at Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary. They are extremely close, they are never seen apart. Talk about a true friendship bond.

This piece was done in colored pencil on watercolor paper.

*40% of the purchase price goes to Safe Haven and their residents*

Size: 9.5 inches wide x 8.5 inches high

Payment Plan (contact to start)

(2 payments of $512.50, 4 payments of $256.25, or 6 payments of $170.83)

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Fritz is a 20 month old Marble Fox from Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary.

Before coming to Safe Haven, Fritz was found wandering a neighborhood in search of food. It’s unclear if he escaped his former owners home or was abandoned.

Pastels on PasteMat Paper

Size: 6”x6”

40% of the proceeds go to Safe Haven.

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