In 2015, WildCat Ridge Sanctuary and I teamed up for some resident portraits.

WildCat Ridge Sanctuary was founded in 2001. They are a nonprofit organization that provides care to over 80 animals (big cats, dogs, turkeys, and more). These animals have all had traumatic backgrounds, in many cases neglected or abused.

They are not open to the public, however, you can check in on their available tour schedules.

How does our partnership work?

When a WildCat resident portrait sells, 40% of the price will go directly to the residents of WildCat.

I work from reference photos provided by WildCat Ridge.. Each resident has a story of their own. With each piece, their personal story will be provided along with information on the species, and how you can help.

I've always wanted to work to save wildlife and I am thankful everyday that I get to do that with another passion, my art. 

Ways to Donate to WildCat

Donations are always needed to support the wonderful creatures at WildCat. You can make a big difference by giving to them, and it's easy to do. WildCat has a link set up on their website for just this. Donate Here

You can also sponsor or adopt a resident! See how you can get involved here.

Wild Cat Original Artwork

Nyssa; 12x12; Pastels and Charcoal by Taylor Ann.jpg

Nyssa came to WildCat Ridge Sanctuary when she was a young cub in 2007. She was bought as a cub by a private owner and soon gave her up to WildCat after realizing the massive responsibility of owning a wild animal.

40% of this purchase price will go to WildCat Ridge

Pastels and Charcoal on Pastel Mat Paper at the drawing size of 12”x12”

8”x8” print of this piece is also available

Payment Plan (contact to start)

(2 payments of $600.00, 4 payments of $300.00 or 6 payments of $200.00)

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Neko is a beautiful cougar from WildCat Ridge Sanctuary.

Neko’s Mini Work was done in inktense pencils and inktense blocks.

Drawing Size: 9”x6”

*40% of the proceeds go to WildCat*

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